Sandpoint & Surrounds

Sandpoint is the starting town for our campaign. You can read more about it here, on the Pathfinder Wiki. (It doesn't give much away and the description is brief). Of course, there is also information on the place in your Rise of the Runelords Player's Guides.

Players with characters starting out knowing Sandpoint can download and read the short Sandpoint Player's Handout attached under Files below. It is mainly a list of the main businesses and NPCs in town that you would know. Feel free to print and add your own notes. At some stage we will need to add the numbers from the map here to the document (but I cannot modify PDFs).

Reputation/Trust Rank

(This is added to positive social reactions to most residents for the group as a whole - not individual reactions).


With townsfolk in general.


With town council (as they are more aware than the average citizen of a lot more that you have done for the town).


Town Leaders/Council

Mayor Kendra Deverin


Noblewoman and member of the Deverin founding family.

RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Spoke first at the Swallowtail Festival. Led from the steps of the Cathedral during the goblin attack. Her major concern were the citizens and priests within, but whilst on the steps she witnessed the PC's fighting off the goblins.
  • Thanked the PCs for their work at the Glassworks and welcomed more assistance in solving the problems plaguing Sandpoint.
  • Present at meeting following Sheriff Belor's return from Magnimar. Took charge and assigned duties, stating that panic cannot be the result. (Keep things quiet).

Sheriff Belor Hemlock


Gruff but protective town sheriff.

RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Brought the mood down by speaking at the Swallowtail Festival (with reminders to be safe at the bonfire and a moment's silence for those that perished in the last church on the site).
  • During the goblin raid he divided what was present of the town watch and headed to the north gate. The PCs later joined him there, where he was fighting in the White Deer Inn. He gave them orders to secure the gates which they did.
  • The Sheriff (along with Father Zantus) told the PCs of the graveyard raid and the farm raid the night before.
  • Met PCs at Glassworks after the fight with Tsuto and the goblins. Seeing the plans for an even bigger attack, he headed off to Magnimar to get help for the town.
  • Returned from Magnimar with 9 soldiers. (On return came across crazed Grayst and then crime scene at Bradley's Barn).

Father Abstalar Zantus


Sandpoint's mild-mannered local priest.

RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Officially opened the Swallowtail Festival, and was speaking again that evening when the goblin raid began. He concerned himself with helping the people into the Cathedral.
  • Present at meeting following Sheriff Belor's return from Magnimar. Agreed that events should be kept quiet, but emphasised that the people need to be protected.
  • Cured Grontwin of the 'shadow drain'.
  • Performed ritual over Grayst Sevilla's 'half' undead body.

Titus Scarnetti


Nobleman and member of the Scarnetti founding family. The family runs the Lumber Mill and control lumber trade in town.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Present at meeting following Sheriff Belor's return from Magnimar. Seemed more concerned with keeping things quiet, so his lumber supplies are not slowed.

Ethram Valdemar


Nobleman and member of the Valdemar founding family that control the town's shipbuilding and fishing industries.

RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • (PCs have had no interaction yet, though those who know him remember him coughing through most of the opening ceremony of the Swallowtail Festival).
  • Present at meeting following Sheriff Belor's return from Magnimar. Again, coughed through meeting, but seemed very concerned when another Late Unpleasantness could be the result.

Lonjiku Kaijitsu (Deceased)

Nobleman and member of the Kaijitsu founding family that runs the Glassworks.

RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Found dead in his glassworks. (Molten glass poured all over him). His own son, Tsuto, has been captured in connection to the murder.
  • Daughter Ameiko has taken over his duties on the town council. (See Rusty Dragon below).

Locations, Groups & Associated NPCs

Barret Family

Live on corner of High St and Soggy Alley. Father Alergast, mother Amele, young son Aeren and baby Verah.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • PCs stopped in here on return from hunting to root out a rogue goblin (Gresgurt) from under the house. The family dog, Bumper, was killed by goblin.

Carpenter's Guild (#24 on map)


The dwarven guildmaster Aesrick Battlehorn was one of the overseers during the construction of the new Cathedral.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Aesrick ran the 'Lighthouse Smash' game at the Swallowtail Festival.
  • Aesrick also helped Arkin with town defenses, including the construction of a small trebuchet.

The Cathedral (#1 on map)

(Father Zantus is detailed above).


Acolyte Ela

RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Helped to heal a couple of the PCs during the goblin raid.

Naffer Vosk

Sarcastic; looks after the Boneyard
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Made the discovery of the dug-up grave following the goblin raid.



RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • The farmer that told Aldern Foxglove that the Tickwood was a good place to hunt boar.

Vandrokus Family

Young farming family. First farm between Ashen Rise and Soggy River. (Father Eric; Mother Teleri; Young boy Moren; Baby).
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Came to the Rusty Dragon one night claiming a large goblin-like, but unnatural creature ate their kid's pet. PCs investigated for them and escorted Eric to farm to feed animals whilst they stayed at the inn.

Grumps Family


Older farming family. Second farm from road between Ashen Rise and Soggy River. Farm is well maintained and Maester and his two boys are good workers.
(Old Maester with his two boys (early 20's), Emren & Garan).
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Kathra spent time prior to campaign working for Maester Grump. Though most find him hard to deal with, Kathra took to his dwarf-like work ethic and demeanor. She helped keep his two 'boys' in line.
  • PCs investigated a pale humanoid spotted on the farm. Tracked it into Soggy River.

General Store (#26 on map)


Run by the Vinder family.

RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Antonio was lured into the basement by the youngest daughter, Shayliss, where she tried to seduce him, just as father Ven arrived. Antonio escaped with everything intact, including his honor, though Ven told him in no uncertain terms to stay away.

Glassworks (#20 on map)

Run by the Kaijitsu founding family.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • PCs went there looking for Ameiko. Found all the workers dead and Tsuto Kaijitsu allied with goblins. Tsuto had tied up Ameiko and killed their father (Lonjiku). The PCs stabilised Tsuto after hitting in back of head with a hammer, and he was taken to the jail.

Goblin Squash Stables (#38 on map)


Run by the goblin-hating Daviren Hosk.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • He ran the 'Goblin Toss' game at the Swallowtail Festival.
  • Nerdayne befriended him after speaking of his daughter (Dalveera) and stayed with him. She also invited him on the boar hunt, in the hope he would meet some goblins. His crazy hate for them came out and they got to kill a goblin when they returned to town (under the Barret family house).

Lumber Mill (#25 on map)

Owned by the Scarnettis. Day-to-day operations left to Ibor Thorn & Banny Harker (middle-aged).
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Banny ran the 'Unders & Overs' gambling table at the Swallowtail Festival. Nerdayne flirted with him and he was very willing to go along with it (despite warnings from another female that a certain someone might come along). Nerdayne also noticed that he 'missed' some people's wagers on the odd occasion.


Bannik Tollarion

Young drifter that has been in the militia for a short time.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Joined the PCs when they defended the Cathedral and accompanied them to the North Gate. He actually fought a goblin or two at one stage.
  • Was the one who summoned Ameiko (and PCs) to a meeting following Sheriff Belor's return from Magnimar.


Bright green eyes - said to be fey-touched. Works as a teamster for the Scarnettis.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • On patrol that returned from the farmlands on the night of 10th Rova, searching for the pale humanoids reported in those parts.


A tangled wood along the coast east of Sandpoint. Known for its patches of stinging nettles and goblinberries. The Thistle River dissects the forest and enters the sea near Thistletop, the home of the Thistletop goblin tribe.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Seeking the lady with the red-hand, the PCs found Thistletop with Jodar Provolost's help. Made a deal with the tribe's druid, Gogmurt to allow them to advance to the rope bridge unhindered.

The Pixie's Kitten (Brothel. #43 on map)


Run by Madame Kaye Tesarani.

RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • PCs visited her 'stall' (set up in the Armory) during the Swallowtail Festival.
  • There is some history between Kaye and Arkin over an unpleasant exchange involving rumours of her relationship with Belor.

Red Dog Smithy (#15 on map)


Smith is Das Korvutt (bald, powerfully muscled with a bad temper).

RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Das ran the 'Ogre Stomp' activity at the Swallowtail Festival. He asked Kathra to 'show people how it was done' and she did not disappoint, ringing the bell at the top and sending several males scurrying for cover.

Risa's Place (Tavern; #16 on map)

The old, and almost blind, Risa mostly leaves the daily running of her establishment to her children after 30 years at the helm.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Unfortunately this establishment was badly burnt during the goblin raid. Even more tragic was the death of Risa's daughter, Lanalee. The PCs saw her pulled from a barrel she was hiding in and killed by goblins. The PCs helped Risa clean up the next day and comforted her for her losses.

The Rusty Dragon (Inn, #37 on map)


Ameiko Kaijitsu

Owner and ex-adventurer daughter of the noble Lonjiku (but she seems to have had a falling out with her father).

Bethana Corwin

Elderly (and timid) halfling that works here.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Bethana dotes on Arkin like a long lost son.
  • Antonio has been staying and working here.
  • Arkin, Kathra and Grontwin have drank here often.
  • The inn was used as a meeting place for the PCs following the goblin raids (and from then on became their place of 'getting together').
  • The term Saviours of Sandpoint was coined here.
  • The feast following the boar hunt was held here.
  • Ameiko was rescued from the Glassworks by the PCs and she is ever in their debt, opening up the Rusty Dragon to them for their use at any time.
  • Nerdanye's family stayed here.

Sage - Brodert Quink (#8 on map)


Balding, old cantankerous man that moved to Sandpoint around 9 months ago to study the Old Light, for which he has a wild theory.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Visited by Nerdanye and when she showed a willingness to listen to his theories of Ancient Thasilon, he took a liking to her and showed her some of his studies.
  • Arkin and Nerdanye (with Caelyn) accompanied Brodert in a search of the Old Light. Also learned Brodert had spent the last 20 years studying in Janderhoff with the dwarves. He certainly knows the Glimmerstone family.

Sanatorium - The Saintly Haven of Respite


Out of town between the Ashen Rise and Devil's Platter. A restored manor house. Better known as 'Habe's Sanatorium'. Run by Habe, an expert on disease and mental derrangement. Has two workers: Edain (large, simple); Salwar (young, shaggy blonde hair).
RotR DnDNext Playtest:
*PCs visited Grayst here, when he was afflicted with some undeath contagion. He said some strange things before attacking the group.

Sandpoint Savouries (Bakery, #21 on map)

Run by the Avertin family.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • They also ran the 'Pastry Eating Competition' at the Swallowtail Festival.
  • Antonio has had a few 'strange' but enticing encounters with Arika, the teenage daughter.


RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Kathra is well aware the local Sczarni regularly meet at the Fatman's Feedbag. Her particular nemesis is the young Garn Katret, who even operated a rival gang of childhood ruffians. She had words with him at the Dragon Races during the Swallowtail Festival.

RotR DnDNext Playtest:

Grayst Sevilla

(A young thug and associate of Garn's) went mad and was sent to Sanatorium. When PCs visited he delivered a cryptic message to Nerdanye, then went tonto and attacked. He was apparently in the early stages of undeath. (Body taken to Cathedral for cleansing).

Theatre (#23 on map)

Crydak Drokkus

The grandeloquent in charge. Loves to be seen and heard.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Had to have a say at the opening of the Swallowtail Festival.


East of Sandpoint, nestled along the northern edge of the Devil's Platter. Mainly beech and cedar, with groves of bluanda and walnut trees. Lots of yellow-winged green thrushes.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • PCs went here to hunt boar with Jodar Provolost and Aldern Foxglove.

Town Watch

The town watch consists of a dozen full time members whose job is to patrol the town and surrounding lands.


Varisian and known Sczarni contact.


Relentless fighter. From Chaliax. Father works on Hambley's farm.


Varisian. She wears an orange head scarf and is heavily tattooed with Varisian symbols and items.


Was once a member of the Iron Guild Mercenary Company, so a noted warrior.


Was very close and devoted to last sheriff (Casp Avertin). Considered 2nd in command to Belor.


Varisian. Wears large loop silver earrings.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Henric and Novennia were in charge of the patrol that did not return from the moorlands and far southern farms on the night of Rova 10th.
  • Norica & Marcellius were on the 2nd patrol on the night of Rova 10th. They returned from the farmlands closer to town and the moors.
  • Druilia & Birlinica accompanied Sheriff Hemlock on patrol investigating the southern farms on Rova 11th. (The same day the PCs went to Foxglove Manor).

Two Knight Brewery (#39 on map)

Run by Gaven Deverin.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • The PCs saw him splat a goblin with one of the kegs at his stall during the goblin raid.

The Way North (Library, Museum, Maps) (#4 on map)


Run by the gnome Veznett Parooh (Unlike pic, he wears a patch over his right eye).
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Kathra caused a scene at his magic show during the Swallowtail Festival and he asked her to leave.
  • Arkin and Veznett clearly do not get along very well. No-one else in the group knows why.

The White Deer Inn & Tavern (#3 on map)


Run by Garridan Viskalai, a Shoanti, and actually Sheriff Hemlock's brother - but the two don't seem to talk.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Perhaps relations will improve after the Sheriff helped save the place during the goblin raids.

Other NPCs

Aldern Foxglove (Deceased)


A noble from the south, who is apparently trying to renovate his family's old manor. The places is regarded as haunted by the locals who call the place The Misgivings.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Antonio saved during the goblin raid (after he lost his dog and horse).
  • Accompanied the PCs back to the Rusty Dragon and organised the boar hunt into the Tickwood. He stayed for the feast, but left early the next day (telling Bethana he had 'business to attend to down south').
  • Turned out to be the 'man' behind the ghoul uprisings in the farmlands. His mind was shattered and his body undead. His personality changed between His Lordship, The Skinsaw Man and The Hurter. Kathra put an end to his misgivings with a well aimed hammer blow.

Gorvi (Half-orc; Deceased)

RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Was the chief street cleaner before he was killed during the goblin raid. The PCs saw him raise a mug and charge into the fray before being cut down by several goblins. (Several of his co-workers did not seem as eager to die and fled).

Jodar Provolost (Varisian)


Older, balding, black hair and big thick black moustache. (Older and fatter than picture). Lives at junction of Tanglefoot Alley and Frog Alley. Part-time carpenter.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • He ran the 'Devil Hunt' archery competition at the Swallowtail Festival. Antonio met him and did well in the event.
  • Antonio and Aldern recruited him to lead the hunt into the Tickwood, where he proved to be an able huntsman.
  • Accompanied PCs on trip to Nettlewood/Thistletop too. (Returned with relics from Chief Ripnugget and Bruthazmus the Bugbear).


Young seamstress.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • PCs met her at Glassworks, hoping to see her boyfriend (Solangus - deceased).

Orik Vancaskerkin


Seemingly a mercenary with a checkered past. Strong, handsome, carrying a bastard sword and large shield with a face on it.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • PCs encountered him in tunnels beneath Thistletop. After an initial confrontation they offered for Orik to join them for an equal share of any treasure. He agreed, as long as the PCs do not harm Lyrie. (He hates Tsuto, b/c Lyrie liked him over Orik).
  • He helped Nualia, Antonio and Lyrie escape Thistletop and was captured by PCs.
  • Returned to Sandpoint and imprisoned below the Garrison (with Tsuto in another cell ;)).
  • Given another chance to prove himself and joined the PCs in seeking out what was skulking the farms south of town. He ended up accompanying party to Foxglove Manor and dealing with Aldern.

Lyrie Akenja (Shoanti)


An apparent wizard with a cat familiar called Skivver.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • On the insistence of Orik, Lyrie's life was to be spared.
  • Encountered her in the Temple of Lamashtu beneath Thistletop, where she was with Nualia.
  • Lyrie had helped some goblins capture Shalelu (who was about to be sacrificed when the PCs arrived at the temple).
  • Charmed by Nerdanye and surrendered.
  • Escaped with Nualia and Antonio from Thistletop.

Nualia/Alessandra (Varisian)


Was taken in by the church and Father Tobin, but perished in the fire of The Late Unpleasantness.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Turns out she did not perish, but was the one organising the burning of Sandpoint.
  • PCs located her in the Temple to Lamashtu beneath Thistletop (about to sacrifice Shalelu).
  • After constant persuasion from Antonio, she collapsed under the weight of what she had done and surrendered to the PCs.
  • Escaped from the PCs (along with her brother and Lyrie) during a night in Thistletop.

Pontia (Varisian)

A single parent mother. Lives next to tannery. Part time fortune teller and cleaner.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Lost her son in the goblin raid. (He had his hands cut off).

Shalelu Andosana (Elf)


A ranger that calls in to Sandpoint every few months. An enemy of the goblins and has a rivalry with Bruthazmus.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Captured by Lyrie and some Seventooth Goblins. Was to be sacrificed to Lamashtu in temple beneath Thistletop, but PCs interupted and saved her.
  • Tried to help PCs track the escaped Antonio, Nualia and Lyrie.
  • Stuck around Sandpoint as an extra 'on-off' party member whilst town was having troubles.
  • Left for Turtleback Ferry after the PCs dealt with Aldern at Foxglove Manor.

Nerdanye's Family

RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Arrived in Sandpoint late, after being held up in Magnimar by the Justicars. Thankfully the Varisian Council came to their aid.
  • Stayed at The Rusty Dragon.
  • Gave Nerdanye a magic onyx ring (and traded other minor magics with PCs).

(NB: Not sure background info on these guys should be here…pictures and what PCs know is fine. The family was met in Sandpoint. Perhaps background, personal stuff, should go in Nerdanye's forums).


Silaqui Moonshadow (nee unum de Pudor)

The mother of Nerdanye. While loved by Nerdanye it is only out of familial obligation. Disappeared within herself after the execution of her husband (Varis unum de Pudor) leaving her child to take care of her.


Caelynn Moonshadow

Nerdanye's beloved half-sister. A terror on two legs. Constantly craves excitement and is constantly getting in trouble while trying to recreate her sisters tales of adventures.
A crack shot with the bow, and has been learning bits of magic under the instruction of Nerdanye and some other locales. Despite her propensity for finding troubles she is loved by all in her community for her sweet nature.


Aust Moonshadow

Nerdanye's step-father. Nerdanye struggled to be around her mother after her Mothers disappearance within herself. When Aust came on the seen he was a young widow himself having lost his wife to illness. When he a Silaqui found each other they were both deep in grief, together they found solace and eventually love. He is fiercely protective of his family.

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