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Abbas Ibrahim Murat


Background: The second son of Captain Suleyman Murat, guard to the Peerless, Hasan Lazari of Katheer, Abbas was destined for a life in the military.

The art of battle came naturally to Abbas and it didn't take him too long to realize that he was superior to many who sought to train him. Not content to be just another warrior he persevered, seeking out the best warriors he could find, who could teach him.

Abbas finally found his calling with a bladedancer adept, Ali Mehmet. Ali taught Abbas the fundamentals of the Scorpion's Song, fighting style, which he has since traveled the word perfecting. Abbas has visited Taldor, Katapesh, Osirion, Absalom, Andoran, Cheliax, Nidal and finally to Varisia. He rarely stays in the same place for any period of time, always searching for a new means to advance his, already formidable, skills.

Most recently, his travels have brought him to the Varisian city of Magnimar, where he has heard tell of the Heroes of Sandpoint and their recent forays against all manner of evil cultists, ogres and giants. He has vowed to seek them out and join with their crusades in order to test his skills.

Personality: Abbas is daring and brave. He always prefers action over planning, and often stirs up trouble unwittingly.

Gaming Goals: Find someone who can teach him more advanced fighting techniques.

Important Items: Emerald Serpent Scimitar.


Wish List: Magical defense (armor or bracers).

Advancement: (Write advances you would like).

(D&D Character sheet Level 8 attached - Abbas 3, January 29th).


Bryak Glimmerstone


Hill Dwarf - Wizard (played by Chaddy)

Features (inc Class choices): Academic Tradition - Scholarly Wizardry

Specialty: Metamagician

Background: Noble
Bryak grew up very well off in Janderhoff as his parents own a number of iron and silver mines around the The Mindspin Mountains, he was very well educated and moved into the study of magic very young. His parents even hired elven wizards to tutor him, though he did find their ways to be very odd indeed.

Bryaks youth was very uneventful as he was engrossed in his books, social gatherings and family disputes. Now middle aged he is expected to take on running parts of the family business, which he resisted an every turn. Bryak loathes business and barely knows the meaning of a gold coin, though he does notice how everyone seems to be driven towards wealth and would do almost anything to achieve it.

Recently he received Bryak received word that his cousin, Grontwin Glimmerstone, had gone missing. Grontwin always caused trouble in the family, Bryak enjoyed this excitement extensively. As his favourite cousin this was not good news, shortly after he received a rather odd letter left at the manor. All it read was "Come to Sandpoint or he dies.", Bryak knew his parents would just let him die as it would remove a rather painful thorn for them, so he couldn't consult with them. In a panic he grabbed some servants, loaded them with everything they could carry and set out to save his cousin.

Bryak and his servants have been in Sandpoint for just over a day.

Personality: Very well educated and uses it to its full extent. He is not above taking advantage of those blinded by the site of gold and jems. Acts very calm and collected even when flustered with rage on the inside. He does not like business and manual labour.

Gaming Goals: Find his missing cousin.

Important Items: Wealth matters not, his personal comfort is all that is important.

Wish List: Magic that could improve his comfort, like making a feast appear when he pleases.

Advancement: (Write advances you would like).

(D&D Character sheet Level 5 attached - Bryak(DnD Next PC Sheet v0.6(Bryak).doc) September 17th).




Hill Dwarf - Fighter
(played by Sal)

Features (inc Clas choices): Slayer

Specialty: Two - Weapon Fighter

Background: Thug

Parents were murdered by an unknown traveller that passed through the village she lived in. As an orphan at just 7 years old, she spent her life on the streets, without an understanding of why her parents were murdered, she fell into the wrong crowd as a young adult and made a name for herself for stealing and thuggery, taking her anger out on anyone. Her gang would often try and muscle out the Sczarni if they wandered onto their turf, though fights have broken out nothing serious has yet happened. Kathra has a particular hatred for Garn Katret, one of the Sczarni in town and he seems to share the same hatred.

As an adult, her life goal is to find the man that killed her parents, though she has no idea were to start looking. Her gang slowly began to fall apart due to members moving on and the ever growing influence of the Sczarni. Which her income taking a bit of a turn for the worse she was forced to do some honest labour and worked on repairing a church with a dwarf named Arkin. While working she still couldn't resist the odd opportunity if it presented itself to make a little extra cash.

Personality: Very quick to anger, ferocious fighter.

Gaming Goals:
(Quests and things actual character wants to achieve).

Important Items:

Wish List:
(Write what items, benefits, treasure, etc you would like here)

(Write advances you would like).

(5E D&D Character sheet Level 6 attached to page, September 17th).


Hargev "Walks Like Water"


Human: Woodsman (Shoanti) (played by Shane)

As a child Hargev fell into a fire face first which has left him with a skull like burn on his face. Being a member of the Skull Clan this was seen as a sign from the spirits that he was destined to be a shaman and from that day on his training began.

// : (e.g. Larry Finkelstein) // Hargev is eccentric, at best. He see's things that others do not and it has impacted a little on his psyche. He often says strange things and often mutters to the spirits around him that others cannot see.
Likes: Rabbit. Smoking.
Dislikes: Undead (corruption of spirits)
Hates/fears: Open water that he cannot see across.
Habits/Mannerisms: Mutters to self. Smokes strange herbs/tobacco in a pipe.
Motivation: He is following a vision he had to see if he ends up dead at the hands of a group of dwarves or with them looking over him in concern.
Approach to Combat: Is a capable hand to hand fighter and marksman

Gaming Goals:
Minor: Find the group of dwarves and see if they can be trusted.
Major: Return the skull idol of Kamoosh to the clan (even though he has no idea where it is or what it looks like).

Important Items:
Wish List: Wishes he could understand the strange markings that some people use to share information without speaking.
Family: His immediate family are all deceased. Though he is still a member of the Skull Clan
Education (Where/How you learnt your skills): Learned most of his skills from Goldek Smoketree
Significant Life Events: A few months ago while under the influence of some herbs he had a vision of a group of dwarves looking over his seemingly dead body.

Organisations (Inc. religions):
Important NPCs:
Goldek Smoketree - Skull Clan Shaman

Views of Other PCs:
Arkin Ironshanks -
Bryak Glimmerstone -
Kathra -

Quotes/Frequent Sayings:

(B&B Character sheet @ 71XP attached to page 5th September)
(5E Character sheet @ lvl8 attached to page 16th Sept)




Half-elf Mage-blade (played by Nicko)

Background: Novak grew up as a foster child to Parvo Charthagnion, a weaponsmith in Magnimar. Novak’s mother died in childbirth and he spent his early years with his father, a renowned mage-blade. His father left him with Parvo before setting off on a quest to find a mysterious, lost artifact.

Novak’s youth was troubled, as he continually seemed to find himself in unfortunate situations not of his making. He was picked on and teased by local children as he was “fatherless and had funny ears”. One incident in particular plagued him to this day. When he was down at the wharf, the local kids played a prank on him. They rigged a herring to move and with a child under the wharf the fish spoke to Novak, stating he would be cursed from this day forward and untold trouble and bad luck would forever be with him. He believes this is where his bad luck stems from and now he wears a small brass herring amulet that he has a tendency to polish and rub and he feels if he fails to do this regularly that bad luck will befall him.

He learnt weaponsmithing from his foster father and became quiet skilled, but eventually started training with one of his father’s mage-blade colleagues. Morlavo took Novak under his wing trained him to be a mage-blade. Novak hopes to one day be as talented as his father in this regard.

While Novak was brought up in somewhat humble surroundings, he strives to become financially secure one day, and enjoys the benefits of wealth (namely fine food and lodging).

Eventually, Novak decided it was time to put his skills to use and seek out his father. Investigations led him to the Black Arrow rangers of Fort Rennik. Unfortunately, not long after arriving at the fort it was taken by ogres and Novak was captured and tortured.


Gaming Goals: Find his father

Important Items: Herring amulet

Wish List: Information about the 'artifact', map to its location.

Advancement: (Write advances you would like)

(D&D Character sheet @ 7th level attached to page 26th May, 2015)


Dorlin Groundpounder


Dwarf Ranger (played by Shane)

Background: Dorlin grew up hunting on the surface for the dwarven stronghold at Janderhoff, bringing in the wild boar and venison that they love to eat. Most recently he has been commissioned by Bryaks parents to find him and convince him to come home, or if he wont come home to stay with him and protect him. In exchange the Glimmerstones will help fund a cure for his extremely sick wife (or at least this is what he thinks, may be something else, like a rival clan keeping track on where Bryak is to set up an ambush or something else entirely).

His favored hunting weapon is the long bow and he has become quite proficient in its use. Though he also carries a hand axe and a knife, and has been known to use a spear, especially when hunting boar.

Personality: Is gruff and to the point. Unlike most dwarves he has spent most of his life in the wilderness hunting and foraging. He is set in his ways and his long stints of solitude while hunting have left him with a very very thick dwarven accent which becomes very hard to understand when he talks quickly or is excited.

The time alone in the wilderness has also made him very curious as he always wants to see what's over the next rise or which animals can he hunt form that forest over there.

Dorlin is also allergic to horses which he blames on being kicked by a horse the very first time he saw the beasts.

Gaming Goals:
* Find Bryak and convince him to return to Janderhoff

Important Items:
* Stone tablet on necklace with an etched portrait of his wife.

Wish List:
* Return Bryak to Janderhoff
* Get his wife healed
* Hunt and kill that elusive white buck he has been after for years.

Advancement: (Write advances you would like)

(D&D Character sheet @ 6th level attached to page 30th August 2016)



Arkin Ironshanks - Retired and Acting Commander of Fort Rannick.


Mountain Dwarf - Cleric of Torag (Protection) (played by Blair)

Specialty: Fortified Defender (Custom designed)
Arkin combines his upbringing as a Stonemason and his divine calling to Torag with a focus on larger scale battles and warfare and defensive structures.

Background: Artisan - Stonemason

Arkin was raised in the city of Janderhoff. His father, Ankar, was a well respected mason and Arkin, being the loyal son, was eager to follow in his father's footsteps. After completing the long and arduous apprenticeship, Arkin continued working with his father, learning the art of fortifications and construction.

Tragedy struck one day though, when his father was killed by an orc warband as they were traveling to an outpost in the Mindspin mountains to help repair the walls following a raid. Swayed by his uncle, Hardig, Arkin gave up his hammer and chisel, instead taking up the mace and shield, to learn the ways of Torag. Having finished his priestly training, Arkin found himself drawn to combining his skills as a mason with his calling to defend the weak. He has set forth to travel the lands to lend aid where he can.

Having heard of plans to rebuild the church in Sandpoint, Arkin couldn't resist the calling to offer his services. He had been living in the town for almost two years until it was completed, when a fresh batch of trouble arrived, with goblins, demons and a host of treacherous villains threatening the town of Sandpoint and its surrounds.

True to his nature, Arkin rose to the defense of the town, along with a group of friends, the Heroes of Sandpoint. Since then, their travels have extended ever further, to Magnimar and all the way back through Ilsurian and on to Skulls Crossing and Hook Mountain.

Personality: Helpful and honorable. Arkin believes in defending those who are unable to defend themselves and when doing so takes his responsibilities very seriously.

Gaming Goals: Arkin has a dream to build some wonderful structure that will stand the test of time throughout history. He would also like to be present to actively defend a fortification that he has designed and built. Finally, Arkin would like his own castle/fort/temple, and his own quarry, so that he could genuinely take ownership of the stonework that he produces.

Important Items:

Wish List: Holy item specific to Torag (preferably a shield).

Advancement: See character sheet for a list of possible Edges for Arkin to consider.

(D&D Character sheet Level 7 attached - Arkin 15 - Sep19).


Antonio Graymane - retired - on the run from the party with his sister


Human: Rogue (Thief) (played by Shane)

Features (inc Class choices): Trickster Scheme
S13, D18, C13, I13, W12, Ch16

Specialty: Sharp Shooter

Background: Guild Thief

Traveling Merchant Family.
Varisian by birth he grew up with his entire extended family as they wandered from Cassomir in Taldor to Sandpoint in Varisia. While a dangerous route to travel the size of the family group is quite formidable, especially when every member of the group is somewhat skilled in either, fighting, re-con or magic of some degree.

Antonio has left his family who were currently in Nirmathas. He has been in Sandpoint for around a week now, but has been to the town numerous times in his lifetime and while not an expert in the city he does have more than a passing familiarity with the layout and nature of the town.

Roguish Scoundrel: (e.g. Silk, Han Solo, Zorro, Hawkeye/Trapper)
Antonio often smiles, loves to drink (rarely to excess), gamble, play cards, tell stories, chase women. He is carefree, cheerful, boisterous, rowdy, noisy (unless quiet is called for) and energetic. However there is also another side of him, especially if protecting his family or if undertaking a 'contract' where he can take on dark and callousness. While generally cheerful etc he can also be very resilient, direct, patient and be very clinical in his dealings.
Antonio is naturally gifted using smaller missile weapons (archer specialty) due to his natural dexterity and an innate ability to spot weaknesses after a few seconds of watching.

Likes: Favours the colours blue, purple, red, silver and black.
Antonio loves gambling and is particularly fond of both cards and rolling the bones (dice). Sometimes he will even play without cheating.
Playing the game of economics & learning things that he isn't supposed to know about.
Theatre, Horse Riding, Swimming, Dancing

Dislikes: Cooking, Sewing, Smoking

Hates/fears: bats

Habits/Mannerisms: Humming, Snacking (pumpkin seeds), Superstition (bad luck if you don't knock before passing through a doorway, even if it is only softly), Hair stroke (front to back with left hand), Eavesdropping

Motivation: It can appear that Antonio is really only looking to make a lot of money, have fun, womanise and gamble.

Currently he is looking at improving his acting skills by aligning himself with either the theatre in Sandpoint, or with Ameiko Kaijitsu the proprietor of the Rusty Dragon.

Approach to Combat: Will shift between hand to hand and ranged combat as he sees fit. If fighting hand to hand he tries to use his natural agility to his advantage and will leap about, jump off tables and swing from chandeliers. Contrary to what he may say, Antonio will not fight fair if he can get away with it, he will throw dirt or drinks, trip, bite…whatever he thinks will help him to win.
If fighting from range he will often take his time to try and seek out the weak spot of an enemy before attacking, hoping to do more damage or for an easier hit.

Gaming Goals: Minor: Find out all he can about the Theatre and the new Church and see if there is anything of interest for his family there.
Obtain an item that allows him to directly contact his family no matter where they are.
Make a lucrative acquaintance.
Play the game of economics.
Aquire a spyglass.
Major: Find out what has happened to his younger sister and return her to the family if possible.
Learn all he can about acting from either the actors at the theatre (Cyrdak Drokkus) or from the proprietor of the Rusty Dragon (Ameiko Kaikitsu, who is also a bard of some renown)

Important Items: Signet ring, sketch of his sister
Wish List: An item that would allow him to talk to his family no matter the distance
Advancement: (Write advances you would like).

Family: Grandfather x 1, Grandmother x2, Father, Mother, Uncles x 4, Aunts x 9, Brothers x 1, Sister x 12, Cousins, Male 23, Female 25, Niece & Nephews: 48/43
There are also numerous second cousins, uncles, aunts, etc so that there are usually several hundred traveling in the one group.
Antonio is the second youngest child and the youngest son.

Education (Where/How you learnt your skills): Antonio has been learning all his life from the various members of his extended family.

Significant Life Events:

Organisations (Inc. religions): Family Graymane. While he is away from his family at the moment he can send messages to a few key contacts to let his family know what is going on.

Like the majority of Varisians, Antonio worships the goddess Desna (freedom, dreams, stars, travellers and luck). As such he will endeavour to oppose anything to do with the god Lamashtu or the demigod Ghlaunder

Important NPCs:
Cyrdak Drokkus: Owner of the theatre of Sandpoint.

Sheriff Belor Hemlock: The local sheriff in Sandpoint. Doesn't know personally but as the local law enforcer need to be wary of his actions so that they don't draw any attention to himself. Unlikely given that Antonio is a Varisian.

Ameiko Kaijitsu: Proprietor of the Rusty Dragon, the most popular tavern in Sandpoint. Rival of Cyrdak.

Aliver "Pillbug" Podiker: from the Pillbug's Pantry

Adventure Kicker (What set you on the path?): Youngest twin sister (Allessandra) fled from the family years ago after a massive fight about marriage with his father. His mother convinced his father to leave her go as the goddess Desna had let her foresee that only by her leaving would the family escape destruction. Allesandra fled to Sandpoint.

Recently his mother has been having visions that are very confusing, his sister may yet be alive.

Views of Other PCs:
Arkin Ironshanks - Seems very serious, but a likeable enough fellow.

Bryak Glimmerstone - Seems very naive on lots of levels and appears to be reasonably well off, which could be good for the future.

Kathra - Rough, unrefined and often rash. Seems like most of my family so we should get along well.

Nerdanye unum de Pudor - Very attractive and seems to hold some values very close to my own.

Quotes/Frequent Sayings:
“There is the wrong way, the right way and then there is the family way” (i.e. it doesn’t matter if its right or wrong)
“I bet you…..”

(Savage Worlds Character sheet as @ 30 XP attached to page 3rd June).
(SW-SIF Hybrid Character sheet as @ 30 XP attached to page 3rd June)


Caelynn (& spirit of Nerdanye unum de Pudor) - retired - rejoined merchant family in Sandpoint. Currently travelling Varisia.


Leigh - you need to update this.
High Elf Wizard/Channeller (& Warlock) (played by Leigh)

Features: ???
(Very smart; Strong and sturdy for an elf).

Has spent her whole life dreaming of adventuring like her sister, of the excitement, the thrills Nerdanye has seen. Until she reached Sandpoint she'd never known the flip side, the horror. Watching Nerdanye being ripped apart in front of her eyes and know confronted with being possessed not only be Nerdanye but a strange powerful being Lashiel.

(Charlatan, Warlock, Sorceress, Con-artist, scholar. A woman of many skill especially when it comes relieving fools of their gold. Her favorite con was tricking snake-oil salesman into buying back his own merchandise after she had stolen it and convinced him hers was a superior product. The only thing Nerdanye treasures more than her family and gold is knowledge and magic. Has a distinctive scar on her hand generally hidden under a glove).

Curious, inquisitive, adventurous prone to getting herself in and out of scrapes.

Gaming Goals:
To find adventure like her sister. Nerdanye wants her to find a way to purge her and Lashiel from her mind. Lashiel has other ideas.

(Once found an amulet of tremendous power. She hid it after becoming scared its power was corrupting her. She seeks to find more knowledge of these artifacts and the others out in the world).

Important Items:
(The amulet of Lashiel. While hidden beneath the stone work of a church. Nerdanye fears it. The voice of Lashiel still whispers in her mind telling her that with a thought the amulet could be back in her possession).

Wish List: (Write what items, benefits, treasure, etc you would like here)

Advancement: (Write advances you would like).

(SW-SIF Character sheets as @ 12XP & 25 XP attached to page, September 14th).


Grontwin Glimmerstone - Deceased: killed in clock tower in Magnimar.


Hill Dwarf - Rogue/Scoundrel (played by Connors/Angus/Adam)

Features: Very strong and sturdy;Not overly knowledgeable; Persuasive; Charismatic (for a dwarf ;))

Grontwin came to Sandpoint about 5 years ago - he was simply too much trouble for his clan back in Janderhoff. He spent time with Kathra and her evolving 'gang' and has come to oppose the Sczarni like her.

Personality: Scoundrel; Jovial; Fun-loving; Makes poor decisions; Gets into trouble; Toys with opponents leaving others to do the killing; Loves to drink; Likes fine wine, fine food and fine clothing, and keeping his teeth clean; Likes to help others in need (heart of gold scoundrel); Dislikes getting dirty.

Gaming Goals: Make sure his cousin has some fun.

Important Items: Grooming kit; Fine clothes

Wish List: Nothing really, other than a chance to spend his money on nice clothes, fine liquor (and strong girls) ;)

Edges - Novice: Brave (SWD), Snakeoil Salesman (DLPG), Extraction (& Imp) (SWD), First Strike (SWD), Card Sharp (DLPG), Charismatic (SWD), Common Bond (SWD), Great Luck (SWD).
Edges - Seasoned: Combat Reflexes (SWD), Dirty Fighter (PSM/SK), Dodge (SWD), Elan (SWD), Marksman (SWD).

(SW-SIF Character sheet @ 23XP attached to page - added November 15th 2013).

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