Part 2 - Blood in the Farmlands

The Misgivings

Year 4707

Rova 6th


  • Arkin, Bryak, Kathra, Nerdanye, Grontwin, Jodar & Shalelu spent the night still on Thistletop after Antonio left with his sister and Lyrie.
  • In the morning, Arkin, Kathra, Shalelu and Jodar fixed the bridge.
  • Shalelu and Jodar tried to track Antonio, Allessandra and Lyrie, however the tracks disappeared in places (thanks to the goblin druid Gogmurt) and the lucky passing of a herd of Auroch across their pathways.
  • Unable to successfully track the others, the party decided to return to Sandpoint.
  • On the trip back they came across a bridge and saw a hawk with a skull pattern on its face sitting on one of the bridge posts. Jodar shot towards the hawk as the party thought it might be an evil creature, however the hawk didn't move as the arrow hit the post on the other side (Jodar having missed on purpose). Eventually the hawk flew away.

Arrival back in Sandpoint

  • After returning the party went to see the Mayor and informed her of what had happened. Though they had to leave out that Antonio helped his sister escape, they do tell her that the major goblin threat appeared to be over, though the city would benefit from better defences. She informed them that the militia had already been in training.
  • Over the next few days the party decided to do the following:

- Bryak: spent time in the bookstore and started befriending Chask Halladan.
- Kathra: drank some of her well earned money
- Nerdanye: sought easy prey to gamble with in the Rusty Dragon and visited the church to try and remove the curse
- Shalelu: spent time with Amekio and hunted
- Arkin: sought to improve the defences of the city
- Grontwin: spent time in bed recovering from his wounds and drinking with Kathra (after Father Zantus was able to cure him from the 'shadow drain')

  • Orik was imprisoned below the garrison along with Tsuto.
  • Later that night Nerdanye returned to find that her room had been ransacked and some of the papers written by Lyrie had been taken.

Rova 7th

  • A memorial was held for the father of Amekio and the workers from the Glassworks victims.
  • Nerdanye's family arrived in town and decided to stay at the Rusty Dragon.
  • The Vandrokus family also arrived at the inn, soaking wet, children crying. They let it be known that the child's pet donkey rat was killed by some strange creature that ate it and tore it apart. Only the child got a good look and the mother saw it as it disappeared into the corn field.

Rova 8th


  • Travelled to the Vandrokus farm to investigate. Shalelu tracked the pet's killer from the farm through the corn fields but lost it after it appeared to go into the river.
  • The party decided to check other nearby farms to make sure they were all okay and if they had had any unusual things happen. The farmers here clearly put a lot into their scarecrows - several were almost life-like. Crops protected included a lot of corn, some grain and the odd orchard.
  • They checked Old Man Grump’s farm where Kathra used to work, and he said that he saw a creature jumping through the fields away from his donkey pen.
  • They party tracked the creature through the fields away from the farm, around the hills, straight to the river and lost track in the water. There were no tracks on the other side.
  • Returned to Sandpoint.

Rova 9th


  • Nerdanye spoke to the local sage Brodert Quink about Runelords, Thistletop, Lamashtu and the Thassalonian Empire.
  • Kathra and Grontwin walked around town talking to people to see if they could find out anything more about the creatures, or any other goings on.
  • Bryak reads at the bookstore trying to find something on the creatures. He also spent some time training Nerdanye's younger sister in magic.
  • Shalelu went hunting and returned with two large donkey rats to cook up and eat at the Rusty Dragon.
  • Arkin continued to work on the towns defences and searched Junkers Way for any signs of activity.

Rova 10th

  • Arkin, Nerdanye and her younger sister visited the lighthouse with Brodert and once again saw the skull faced hawk sitting up on the stonework.
  • Sheriff returned from Magnimar with nine town guards/soldiers. Amekio was summoned to the council chambers (and invited the party) to find that the Sheriff had returned. He told of finding three men slaughtered in Bradley's Barn with seven point stars carved into their chests on the return journey. The lone survivor (Grayst Savila - a sczarni thug) was taken straight to the Habe's Sanatorium as he was deranged from what he saw in the barn.
  • They also discussed what to do with Orik and Tsuto. (Council still undecided about both, but the Sheriff was instructed by the Justicars of Magnimar to return Tsuto to the city along with three of the guards. Orik was likely to be released and scolded for his own stupidity).
  • The three bodies in the barn were flayed beyond recognition.
  • The claw marks on the bodies were not sinspawn as they had five claw marks not two, though they could have been the same as those of the creature that attacked the farm's pet.
  • Left Sandpoint for Habe's and decided to stop at Bradley's Barn on Cougar Creek to check it out.
  • The barn was a blood bath. Ropes in the barn indicated that something was tied up to a post, but may have gotten lose (was Grayst hiding and saw what happened, staying hidden hence staying alive but going insane form the visage).
  • Ropes had the stench of decay on them similar to the smell in Nerdanye's room from when the notes were stolen, and the farm where the pet was killed.
  • A note found at the barn by the Sheriff read:

Habe's Sanatorium

  • The party travelled to Habe's and convinced him to let them see Grayst. Grayst was obviously insane, muttering things like…..
    //"The skinsaw man was coming".    "The razor's, the jaws".   "your lordship unmade me so."//
  • Grayst had been bitten on the shoulder according to Habe and also gave the party a message:
    //"If you come to his misgivings, if you come to his pack, then he will give a harvest in your honor"//.
  • Grayst twisted and convulsed, splitting straps and breaking buckles as he turned into a lithe, but exceptionally strong monster in front of the party, his last words as he looks at Nerdanye, "You are one of them".
  • Grayst and the party fought, though he was quickly dispatched. (A hammer to the head does that).
  • Using Habe's wagon and worker, Edain, the party returned Grayst's body to town. As they went to load the body in the wagon they again saw the skull-faced hawk sitting on the wagon, watching them.
  • The party returned to Sandpoint, followed by the hawk which disappeared here and there in the trees and over the horizon.
  • They took the body for consecration to Father Zantos, who mentioned that Foxglove manor was also known as the "misgivings". He also noted that Grayst was in a state between living and undeath. He immediately set up to perform appropriate rituals over the body.
  • The party went to the garrison to meet the Mayor, Sheriff, Titus Scarnetti and Ethram Valdemar (all still there following earlier meeting).

Rova 10th - cont.

  • At the garrison Titus Scarnetti offered the party a coffer in thanks for their efforts, which contained - 40gp, 200sp and 2 light blue potions he believed were potions of healing. Shalelu took 5gp and 50sp after it was offered by Arkin before advising the party that she had to leave as she had commitments at Turtleback Ferry.
  • Sheriff Belor told them that he couldn’t keep Orik locked up and wanted the party's input into whether he should kick Orik out of town or hire him to the town guard. They decided to thought on it overnight.
  • Party tried to give money to Amekio but she refused.

Rova 11th

  • Kathra awoke very hungover.
  • Party left the coffer and remaining money with Amekio for safe keeping.
  • Met Sheriff at the garrison with some guards: Henrick (a sczarni) and Navinia, and militia (Pettrogus).
  • He told them that one of the patrols did not come back last night. It was led by Marsalius and Nariga (varisian - non-sczarni)
  • The Sheriff and his second in command (Druillia) and another guard decided to join the party when they left the town.
  • Father Zantos confirmed that Grayst was turning into an undead and gave the party 8 vials of holy water. Bryak took these and in turn gave 4 vials to the Sheriff.
  • It was decided that Orik Vankaskerkin would join the party and prove his worth.
  • Party left town. They saw Farmer Horrim Guffman who told them he saw the patrol heading into the moors.
  • The Sheriff and patrol headed east into the moors to look for the patrol while the party headed to Foxglove Manor.
  • The party saw the skull hawk on a grey bush. As Arkin approached the hawk turned into a grizzled Shoanti woodsman that introduced himself as Hargev. Another surprise party member showed up here too. Caelynn, Nerdanye's sister, was amazed at the hawk turning into a man and gave up her hiding. (She had been following them). Hargev warned them that the spirits told him the party would find wrong things in the shelter ahead, and that he was to join them for their protection. After some debate, the party also decided to take Caelynn with them, rather than return her to town.
  • Party arrived at Foxglove Manor and saw some sick looking ravens. Hargev said, "they are not right".
  • Party entered a side trophy room entrance with a large stuffed manticore in the centre of the room. The door slammed shut behind them and they found themselves locked within.
  • Arkin pulled a strange shrunken monkey head on a bell chime and the head screamed loudly.
  • In the next room they found a strange pattern of blue-green mould on the floor. Noticing a round pattern in the mould, Arkin stomped around in a circle, suspicious that this was the entry to a secret stairwell. It was not.
  • At the back of the ground floor, they entered a sitting room, where the windows were stained glass, depicting: a tree, a bird, a winged centaur woman, and a squid.
  • Strange things appeared to be going on in the manor, pictures coming to life, and something shaking Nerdanye. The party decided to split up to explore quicker.
  • Another room upstairs, above the sitting room, also contained stained glass windows: belladonna, maid with a spider, death-heads moth, vampire, and a scorpion.
  • Someone or something was making the party see and hear things.
  • Searched the house – on the top floor they located more stained glass windows: a woman with dark hair and an iron staff and a man with a telescope (whom Bryak recognised as Arazui and Sucurro, two famous wizards that went on to be liches, though very few people would ever recognise them in their original form).
  • Party found a crying woman in the attic, locked in a room with a mirror. She revealed she used to be the Iesha Foxglove, wife of Aldern Foxglove before he turned her into this undead creature unable to look at her own reflection.
  • She was held at bay by Arkin who held the mirror in front of himself, when he discarded it to cast a spell she flew into a rage and attacked.
  • Iesha Foxglove was killed by the party (deathblow by Kathra).
  • Library - Arkin was attacked by an animated scarf which wrapped itself around his neck. Arkin and Kathra eventually tore the scarf apart and burnt it in a fireplace. In the fireplace was a statue of an angel with butterfly wings with a blood stain on it and a piece chipped off of it. Thinking there might be some value to this statue, Arkin took it with him.
  • Party went downstairs into the basement and heard what sounded like a lot of rats.
  • The party was attacked by two large swarms of diseased, blind rats, but Hargev stepped forward and started whispering, calling to the ravenous small beasts and told them that there was plenty of food out of a broken window (which leads to a 300ft drop). The rat swarmed past the party and disappeared upstairs, then silence ensued.
  • Party found an iron door that opened into what appeared to be an arcane workshop. Inside there were even more stained glass windows (room was set under ground level into a cliff face): thin man drinking a potion, the same man in a state of decay being sucked into a 7 sided box (the box appeared on all stained windows).
  • Party found a squared stone stairwell leading down into the bedrock beneath the house. At the bottom, floor tiles had been smashed, which revealed another staircase descending deeper. This second stairwell was spiral and appeared to be older then the house. A series of skulls and bones was carved into the sides of each step.
  • Death of Nerdanye: As the party descended the first stairwell, Nerdanye looked down and was attacked by unseen spirits that apparently rise up from the stairwell at the bottom. Despite the best efforts of the party to help her (healing spell and web to hold any unseen attackers) she was torn apart (literally). Caelynn was hysterical by this point and the party took her back into the house. After a few moments Caelynn appeared calm and spoke. She told the grieving party that she was no longer just Caelynn, but that the spirit of Nerdanye had been transferred along with Lashiel into Caelynn's body and that Caelynn would be able to call upon her whenever she needed help. (See extract below)
Transfer of Nerdanye's spirit into the body of Caelynn

Lashiel: "I have transferred my essence into Caelynn. I couldn't reach back to the amulet and was able to transfer your consciousness as well Nerdanye."
Nerdanye: "You should not have done that to Caelynn. I will not let you possess her, her soul was hers and hers alone."
Caelynn" "Nerdanye…… was that you? Wh…..where are you?"
Lashiel: "We are inside your being child. I will give you access to magics that you've never known. You will be protected."
Caelynn: "Protect me?"
Nerdanye: "Do not listen to her Caelynn, she was twisted, an evil arch fey."
Lashiel: " Do not fear Nerdanye, I will care for her, help her, guide her. I was not about to let myself die if I couldn't reach back to the amulet. Remember Nerdanye I protected you also, I brought you with me."

  • Party finished, pondering whether to proceed down the spiral stair or return Nerdanye's body and Caelynn (the spiritual vessel) back to their parents in Sandpoint!

Rova 11th - continued

  • The party wrapped Nerdanye's body in clean cloth from the kitchen staff quarters.
  • Arkin tried to sanctify an area in the arcane lab but appeared to fail.
  • Hargev spoke to the spirit world and saw that the spirit of Nerdanye was present in Caelynn, but also that there was another spirit looking over both of them (Lashiel).
  • The party decided to descend the stairs to seek revenge for Nerdanye.
  • The stonework on the way downstairs appeared to be older that that in the house basement and bore engravings of skulls, skeletons and bones.
  • At the opening to the stairway the party smelled foul but cool air leading into a cavern.
  • The party descended into the caverns and fought off a group of red eyed undead (ghouls).
  • Kathra found a magical pick-axe with the mark of the famous dwarven smith, Durgadin.
  • The party came to a circular cavern with a spiral, slippery ledge descending around the outside, and a blowhole opening to the ocean. About halfway down was a doorway into the cavern wall. Four goblin ghouls in this room were easily dispatched.
  • The party tied a series of ropes together to help them navigate the slippery ledge, secured to a strong looking stalagmite.
  • The party went through the doorway to find a room that was strewn with rotten flesh, all manner of bric-a-brac and had a large painting facing a large throne like chair with Aldern Foxglove sitting on it; a furless undead dog (called Fluffy ;)) sitting at his feet. There was also a large patch of horrid blue-black fungus with a human shape within it on the far wall.
  • Aldern spoke to them in the third person referring to himself has His Lordship. He wanted to know where his friend (Antonio) and his love (Nerdanye) were, as he has been sending love letters to her. He was obviously unaware that Nerdanye had "died" and Antonio had left the group. Items he had stolen from them were amongst the materials on the table before him.
  • The hands of Foxglove (or His Lordship) and his mannerisms indicated that he was now an undead and Arkin attacked him, followed by the rest of the party. As the party fought Aldern his personality switched from His Lordship to someone that he called The Hurter, before returning to His Lordship when he was wounded, where he revealed that everything was "The Brotherhood"’s fault, not his. His final transformation was into The Skinsaw Man with blazing blue eyes, a cunning intellect and pure malevolence.
  • Kathra disposed of the The Skinsaw Man in a brutally ferocious display.
  • Bryak cast detect magic on Aldern's remains and the room. His findings included: war razor (also evil), wand, mask (also evil), ring and shoe buckles all with dweomers. The party also found a silver chain with 2 keys on it (one tarnished iron with an opal set in it, the other a three tang key with the head of a lion), as well as a letter that appeared to be important from Wanton of Natures Pagan Forms.
  • Party finished searching the caverns, killing four more ghouls and a large ghoul bat.
  • While searching the party found the remains of Shaz Blackshiv, a notorious bandit that had been attacking up and down the coast. There was a known reward for him. The party took his head to return to town as proof that he was deceased.
  • The party decided to return to town but as they left the house they were confronted by two trees full of what appeared to be undead crows. They stayed inside the house for protection and to look for clues (in the library).
  • Arkin cast a burrowing spell that caused him to re-emerge near the outhouse ruins about 50 feet from the house door, luring the swarm of undead crows away from the house.
  • Bryak cast numerous spells in a ritualistic manner and destroys most of the swarm allowing the party to flee. Bryak cast a scorching ray into the house (curtains), hoping to set the house on fire and destroy it for good.
  • Not far from the manor the group saw what they thought were the headed of some humanoids, bobbing in the foliage nearby, and making their way towards the manor.
  • The party met Sheriff Belor on the way back to town and he told them of the decimation of the southern farms. Together they all travelled back to town.
  • Kathra sought the reward for Shaz Blackshiv, claiming she killed him rather than just finding his body at Foxglove Manor. Caelyn had the Blackshiv; Shaz's black-bladed longsword.

Rova 12th

  • Cold in the morning.
  • One of the town children (Broduk) came running into the Rusty Dragon to tell Kathra (the only one of the party present) that a merchant ship coming into town saw a large fire just down the coast. Kathra rewarded the child with a flask of alcohol.
  • Bryak bought a barrel of oil to help burn down Foxglove manor as the party doesn't thought that it was destroyed.
  • Arkin checked the town’s defences.
  • Caelynn was staying with her parents (for the moment) as the family adjusted to the new situation of her and Nerdanye.
  • The party spoke to the mayor and sheriff at the Cathedral, and the party decided they need to go to Magnimar to check out Foxglove's residence there.
  • Titus Scarnetti provided the name of someone to contact in Magnimar (Morrios Crispen).
  • The party (including Bryak's servants and Orik) departed for Magnimar.
  • Party detoured to Foxglove Manor on their way south to make sure that it was destroyed. There Hargev found recent tracks around the well. Thinking it might have been more ghouls the party collapsed the well, hoping to prevent their escape.
  • Party travelled south and camped in some scrub on the side of the road on the way to Magnimar.
  • During the night a lost goat wandered into camp and Orik killed it and together with Hargev set it upon the fire to cook.

Rova 13th

  • Another cool morning, clouds and windy.
  • The party ate the goat.
  • A swarm of centipedes crawled up through Bryak's tent. There was no real damage other than to Bryak's composure.
  • Mid-morning - the party arrived at the log stockade settlement of Graymere.
  • New tavern here called The Dangling Lady (the witch Serana was reportedly hung on the spot where the tavern now sits).
  • The party had lunch there much to Arkin's disgust.
  • Two hours south of Graymere the party came across a detachment of Magnimar guards who questioned them before letting them proceed. Before they go, the patrol did let the party know that there was trouble in Magnimar also, with people disappearing and being killed.
  • The party pushed hard and arrived at the Hatchet & Catapult, a walled inn, where they stayed overnight. The inn was run by the Grabyses family and has a small functioning catapult on the roof. It really did have a small catapult on the roof and the son of the tavern-keep shot some rocks into the forest with Bryak and Arkin looking on and suggesting modifications.
  • Party learned that from here it was one day's easy travel to Magnimar.

Rova 14th

  • Very windy day, cold to cool.
  • As the party travelled south, they found the road blocked by a massive aurochs, which turned and walked back into the forest of its own accord.
  • Around midday the party came across a group of Varisian travellers on a pilgrimage to see the cathedral at Sandpoint. They were star-struck when they found out that Arkin helped build it.
  • Late afternoon - the party arrived at the outskirts of Magnimar.

… continued in Adventure Log Part 3

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