Part 1 - Sandpoint

Swallowtail Festival (and goblin raid) in Sandpoint - Thistletop and the Escape of the Graymanes.

Year 4707

Rova 1st

  • Campaign start - Swallowtail Festival in Sandpoint. Holy day of Desna & dedication of the newly finished cathedral.
  • Current PC's - Arkin Ironshanks (Blair), Bryak Glimmerstone (Chaddy), Nerdanye unum de Pudor (Leigh), Kathra (Sal), Antonio Graymane (Shane).

Swallowtail Festival

  • Kathra had a run in with a wealthy looking lady at the magic show after unsuccessfully attempting to snatch her money purse.
  • Antonio lost heavily at Under's & Overs, then headed to the Devil's Hunt where he easily won a pie from the local bakery. Picked someone's pocket along the way and got back around half of what he lost.
  • Bryak volunteered one of his henchmen to enter the Catch the Greased Pig which was won by a skinny local.
  • Nerdanye charmed Banny Harker, the operator of the Under N Overs, and made a bit of money.
  • Arkin tried to keep Kathra out of trouble during a heated discussion with the local sczarni.
  • Antonio visited the Pixie's Kiss (run in the Armory) where he "befriended" a drunk participant and deftly removed his pouch of unwanted money under the noses of his friends.
  • Bryak 'met' his missing cousin, Grontwin Glimmerstone, who then talked him into visiting the Pixie's Kiss. Bryak won easily after taking 6 shots of the Pixie Dust without passing out. Nerdanye then tried and passed out after 2 shots. The dwarves look after her, though Kathra managed to steal her money pouch in the process.
  • Free lunch at The Rusty Dragon for the dwarves and Nerdanye. Antonio was working there as it helped pay for his lodging.
  • All attended the gathering to witness the consecration of the new cathedral.
  • Goblins attacked during the speeches.
  • Antonio was felled early but then healed later in the conflict by Acolyte Ela, where he witnessed the vision of his mother over the other PC's.
  • Local guards and militia joined the fray. A local female, (Linalee - Risa's daughter) who had hidden in a barrel, was slain after the barrel was overturned by the goblins.
  • After successfully defeating the goblins in the Cathedral Square the PC's went to the North Gate. There they saw Sheriff Hemlock holding goblins at bay in the White Deer Inn. Goblins were also attacking the local dwarf housing. More were coming through the North Gate as the PCs arrived. A noble (Aldern Foxglove) was outnumbered under the eaves of the inn and his dog and horse were slain.
  • PCs were asked to close the gates by Sheriff Hemlock and they fought their way through the goblins to do so.
  • Antonio killed the goblin immediately threatening Aldern, who thanked and befriended him.
  • Bryak's henchmen helped locals put out fires on the roof of the White Deer by filling pales with water from rain barrels.
  • PC's returned to the Rusty Dragon for drinks where they were hailed as the "Saviors of Sandpoint".

Rova 2nd

Consecration of the Cathedral - Take Two

  • At the Rusty Dragon Antonio was accosted by Shayliss Vinder (daughter of the local General Store owner) who talked him into returning to the store to remove the rats in the basement. He eventually did, but it was a ruse and Shayliss threw herself at Antonio just as her very large, drunk and angry father (Ven) returned. Antonio managed to talk his way out of it but was warned not to return.
  • A more subdued consecration of the Cathedral was combined with a memorial for the 11 people who lost their lives. PC's were again thanked for their assistance.
  • Asked to look into the mysterious grave robbing of the remains of Father Tobyn and his adopted daughter, Nualia. This event seemed to have happened around the time of the goblin raid.
  • Invited to go along for a boar hunt in the Tickwood by Aldern Foxglove.
  • Heard some of the story of the Late Unpleasantness from Sheriff Hemlock. ("Chopper" cut out the tongues and eyes of his victims (25 in total) and would place them on an altar to … some bird demon… that was kept in a secret cellar under his house on the island just north of the old lighthouse).
  • Most of the day spent helping clean up at Risa's after if was badly burnt in the raid.
  • Local carpenter, Jodar Provolost is hired as a guide for the boar hunt with Foxglove.

Rova 3rd


Hunting Boar

  • Gathered at the North Gate, along with Aldern, Jodar & Daviren Hosk (stable owner) a companion of Jodar who was very keen to kill some goblins.
  • Jodar killed first boar. At first Aldern expressed the hunt was not to his liking, but Antonio took him and they found another boar.
  • Upon returning to Sandpoint, a child (Aeron Barret) claimed a monster in his closet bit him. His mother (Amele) was discussing it with another female on the street. The party investigated and found a goblin. They captured it and took it to the jail to question and found out that there was a new big leader of the Thistletop Tribe, before Daviren killed it.
  • The boars were cooked and a feast was held at the Rusty Dragon. Strangely, the owner, Ameiko disappeared early.

Rova 4th

Missing Ameiko

  • An upset Bethana (halfling worker at the Rusty Dragon) gave a letter to Antonio and a translation. Letter was from Tsuto, Ameiko's estranged half-brother, asking to meet Ameiko at the Glassworks. Ameiko usually opened up and started the morning fires but had been missing since the previous evening.

Chaos at the Glassworks

  • On the way to glassworks a distraught Korvinia told the PCs she was supposed to meet her boyfriend (Solangus) the night before but he didn't show up. He is a worker at the glassworks.
  • After hearing goblins inside, the party broke in the back door.
  • Inside the glassworks was chaos. In the main work room were goblins wreaking havoc, amongst the bodies of slain workers. Killed the goblins and captured Tsuto the half-elven, (half-brother of Ameiko). He was leading the goblins and was soon taken to the jail by Sheriff Hemlock who arrived after the fight.

Revelation of the Allessandras

  • Continued exploring the glassworks and its cellars and found Tsuto's journal. The journal indicated that Nualia (Allessandra) didn't perish in the fire and was involved in the attacks on Sandpoint. In addition, she appeared to be transforming herself into a demon for some reason. (Antonio recognised the pictures of here in the journal). Breaking down he informed the rest of the party that she was his sister. Knowing that he has found her and that he may need more help than the town can provide to turn her from her misguided path he immediately went to Pillbug's and sent a message to his family to come at once.

Tunnels Under Sandpoint

  • The tunnels spread beyond the glasswork's basement and the party had to kill a strange, pale-skinned, demon-like creature with three fingers.
  • In old dungeon corridoors, found a red-marble statue of a female with a tome, inscribed with a seven-pointed star in one hand (part of the statue) and a real, ivory-shafted, metal ranseur in the other. Bryak took a rubbing of the inscription, but did not recognise the ancient language.
  • Further tunnels led deeper to an old prison where two more ghoul-demons were defeated.
  • In a room with many pits in the floor (each contained zombies) they fought an acid-spitting, deformed goblin. It carried a magical sword attributed to a famous sailor/pirate of the past.
  • In a completely spherical room (including the floor and ceiling) with walls dressed in a red metal showing arcs of black electricity moving on it, a human skin covered book of Lamashtu, a scroll and a wand (and a dead bird surrounded by maggots) floated in the middle.
  • Came to a large skull-rimmed pool with blood smears around the rim. Fought a screaming, flying skull surrounded by tendrils. Kathra fled fell down some stairs and knocked herself out running from the head.
  • Next room contained an altar to Lamashtu filled with a viscous liquid (which Antonio pointed out looked like the spit from the deformed goblin). The altar room led to another skull-rimmed pool room with an orange light coming from a depression at the far end of the room. This appeared to be the Temple of Lamashtu with a quasit high priestess, some demon ghouls and another screaming flying tendril skull.
  • The priestess of Lamashtu shed some blood into the depression at the far end of the room to summon more demon ghouls. The party worked out that the pool's ability to summon these creatures diminished each time a new one was summoned. After defeating all foes, the party continued summoning the demon ghouls to drain the summoning powers of the pool. Antonio poured water over his hand into the pool, praying to Desna (although he had no magical powers granted to him by his goddess, he hoped that this in some way will help cleanse the touch of Lamashtu from under the town).
  • Searched a few passages that they had missed in getting to the temple and followed a passageway that led to a beach along the East Coast Road. Believing that this tunnel was the entry point for the goblins from the previous raid, Arkin led the others in doing what they could to mark the entrance so, that any goblins in the future would know the townsfolk knew of the tunnel, including a rough sketch on the wall of a dwarf killing a goblin.
  • Returned to Sandpoint and informed the mayor of discoveries.
  • Antonio sent another letter to parents re the temple of Lamashtu.
  • Arkin told Antonio that it will probably be necessary to kill his sister. Regardless of anything else, the safety of the town and the many innocent lives must come first and that if Antonio tried to stop them, the party would have no option but to assume that he had been swayed and was working with the evil forces, meaning that the party would have to kill him also. Antonio responded that if his sister is truly lost to Lamashtu then he would be the first to release her from this world, as his sister, in that case was already gone. However if Antonio believed that his sister could be saved and the party stopped him then he would spend the rest of his life trying to destroy each member of the party.
  • Party got a few supplies for the morning and rested up.

Rova 5th

Assault on Thistletop

  • Party again recruited Jodar for an assault on Thistletop, but left before Daverin could join them. Travelled to the Nettlewood.
  • Followed the Thistle River then veered off to the to thick briers at Thistletop and came across a goblin druid, Gogmurt, and his fire cougar companion. Nerdanye struck a deal so that Gogmurt would allow the party access to the bridge to the Thistletop lair if the party destroyed the Bird-Cruncher goblins camping in the briers, which the party did. (Gogmurt also revealed that he hated the red-hand lady and wants her gone).
  • Grontwin face-planted on the bridge and the Thistletop goblins saw the party crossing. The battle was won and the party entered the gates of the fort. (Arkin contracted mange from a goblin dog).
  • The party found a horse locked up and released it, with some members of the party keen to use it as a scare tactic against the goblins. The horse had other ideas.
  • Confronted and killed Chief Ripnugget, his shaman and guards.
  • Rest was interrupted by Bruthazmus the bugbear and his goblin concubines. Bruthazmus was slain and hiss concubines were driven off over the rope bridge.

Beneath Thistletop & New Companion, Orik

  • In tunnels carved into the large round island supporting the fort, discovered a planning room for the attack on Sandpoint with indications that a second attack was also be planned.
  • Encountered Orik Vancaskerkin a large mercenary staying with the goblins. After a few testing blows from both sides, Bryak spoke to Orik and convinced him to join the party for an equal share of any loot they acquired. Orik agreed as he was getting bored, hated Tsuto (who he was told was killed, even though he was captured) but had one condition; the party was not to hurt Lyrie (a female human wizard that has recently returned with a new sacrifice for Nualia).
  • On their way to the 'temple' dispatched goblins rushing to tell of the carnage in Chief Ripnugget's throne room.
  • Inside the Temple of Lamashtu were many goblins (Thistletop and visiting Seventeeth), Nualia performing the service and Lyrie.
  • Early in the fight everyone in the party started engaging the followers of Nualia/Alessandra except for Antonio who begins pleading with his sister to give up her insane quest and the worship of Lamashtu.
  • All goblins were defeated, including champion of the Seventooth Tribe, Arkkie (and her goblin dog mount).
  • Antonio ignored the fighting around him as he walked unarmed towards his sister, trying to talk her away from her current path and to remember her family and the girl she once was.
  • Arkin erected a stone wall between Nualia/Alessandra and the female elf (Shalelu) bound to an altar before her, and Nualia/Alessandra disappeared.
  • Nerdanye charmed the wizard Lyrie into giving up and into telling her what has been happening.
  • The massive statue of Lamashtu is smashed after Arkin indicates that this may release Nualia/Alessandra, however Lyrie thought that the statue may have been used to teleport Nualia/Alessandra to a lower level.
  • The party headed below and came to a trap room, with statues that swung glaives between portcullises, and had drop away floors.
  • Arkin leapt over the trap and opened a door on the other side to find Nualia/Alessandra and a flying demon dog.
  • Kathra, Orik and Antonio also leapt over the trap to confront Nualia/Alessandra.
  • The presence of Antonio was to much to bear and Nualia/Alessandra broke down mentally under the persistent pressure from her brother and "surrendered".
  • As Antonio talked to his sister, he gained an insight into what led her to become trapped in those circumstances (see Rise of the Runelords - Burnt Offerings - Nualia's Story).
  • The party left Orik, Lyrie, Antonio and Alessandra here to continue their exploration of the Thistletop Complex and came across what appeared to be a pillar constructed from gold coins.
  • Bryak found four slots in the wall, the same size as some large platinum coins they had found and upon placing the coins into the slots opened up a further portion of the complex.
  • They came across a room with a permanent illusion of the same man depicted in all the statues (holding the glaive and the book) speaking a strange language. Bryak cast a spell to understand the language and heard the man saying something along the lines of "do not worry about X, and remember me and my power"
  • Party found double doors with a recessed 7 pointed star motif across the seal between both.
  • Unable to pass the above doors the party explored another room which appears to be a torture chamber and within found a 7 pointed star which would fit into the recess in the double doors.
  • The party opens the double doors and finds the barghest Malfeshnekor who had gone insane after being trapped for countless years with a fire pit and 2 shadows (monsters) to torment him.
  • Battle ensued and Malfeshnekor is joined by the 2 shadows in attacking the party. After a long and bloody battle the party finally prevailed, though both Bryak and Grontwin nearly died and Nerdanye and Arkin both struggle with extreme fatigue from their spell casting. Kathra dealt the final blow to Malfeshnekor and Shalelu switched to her magical dagger to deal the death blow to the last shadow. Orik joined the battle after Nerdanye enchanted (failed) his blade to deal with the shadows.

Rova 5th continued - 6th session

  • After much discussion the party decided to leave the rest of Thistletop unexplored and returned to rest under the enclosed tower. Shalelu, Kathra & Arkin took watch in the tower. Jodar, Bryak, Grontwin rested at the base of the tower. Antonio, Allessandra/Nualia, Lyrie, Orik and Nerdanye rested in the main entry hall.
  • The horse that the party rescued could be heard outside the main entry during the night.
  • Antonio slipped out of the hall and lead the horse across the rope bridge. Arkin heard and saw the horse crossing the bridge but didn't see Antonio as he was obscured by the horse.
  • Nerdanye in her trance like state still managed to see Orik, Lyrie and Allessandra/Nualia preparing to leave and cried out, "Where are you going? " alerting those on watch in the tower. Arkin rushed down to the landing on the stairs and leapt down to the base of the tower in a rush and landed on Grontwin hitting him in the head with his shield and stunning him.
  • In the main hall Orik held Nerdanye at bay while Lyrie and Allessandra left and began to cross the bridge.
  • Across the bridge Antonio heard a growling in the brambles and assumed that it was the fire cougar and the Gogmurt the goblin druid returning.
  • Kathra followed Arkin's lead and leapt from the tower landing and crashed down on Jodar.
  • As the rest of the party arrived in the main entry hall, Orik held them at bay, Kathra struck at him but he deflected it with his shield. Orik eventually surrendered to the party, cursing his luck in again choosing the wrong side. However his delaying of the party enabled Lyrie & Allessandra/Nualia to cross over the bridge unhindered (though Jodar could have shot at Lyrie he refused to shoot a woman in the back) and meet up with Antonio.
  • Antonio lead his sister and Lyrie away through the brambles, where they met up with Gogmurt the goblin druid and made their way towards the road with the horse.
  • The party was clearly upset with the escape of Allessandra/Nualie and Lyrie with the help of Antonio, though decided to wait until morning for Shalelu to track them.
  • In the main entry hall Nerdanye found the rapier that she had lent to Antonio and he had left behind for her.
  • As he headed towards the road with his sister, Antonio sighed, regretting betraying the trust of those he now considered friends, but knew that if he didn't his sister would be handed over to the authorities in Magnamar and after a short trial she would most likely have be executed for her crimes.
  • Knowing that the bridge could be drawn up again from the lair side, Arkin cut the rope bridge down so that the party wasn't surprised by any more goblins or the returning Nualia and Lyrie.

to be continued in Adventure Log Part 2

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