The city of Magnimar stands as one of the two major city-states of southern Varisia. Founded by Korvosan dissenters in 4608 AR, the City of Monuments now stands as a rival to Korvosa in an open war of coin and words. The people of the city are termed 'Magnimarians' and they call Korvosa: 'Little Cheliax'. The adjective used to describe something of Magnimar is 'Magnimarian'.

Magnimar is a large city located on the southwestern coast of Varisia where the Yondabakari River empties into the Varisian Gulf. The city is surrounded by the mostly inhospitable Mushfens. The city itself is defined by two colossal landmarks which predate modern civilization by thousands of years or more. The Irespan is an ancient Thassilonian ruin, the easternmost end of a giant bridge which has now crumbled into the sea. This enormous relic stretched from Magnimar's other most noticeable feature, the three-hundred-foot tall cliff which cuts the city in two known as the Seacleft.


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Magnimar is ruled by two official political bodies— the Council of Ushers and the Office of the Lord-Mayor. This two-tiered system was established at the city's founding to ensure that no single person ever had too much control. Despite the idealist intentions of the city's founders, over the last century, both offices have become more power-hungry and less effective at representing the needs of the city-state's citizens.

The Council of Ushers

The Council of Ushers serves as the legislature of Magnimar and currently contains 117 members. Of these, many are nobles whose families have held seats for generations, back to the time when the Council was but fifteen members large. With many more seats now that there are noble families, dozens of seats are filled with scheming merchants and greedy power-seekers, as well as a frustrated number of genuinely altruistic activists and honest merchants all vying to have their personal causes (many of which are entirely self-serving) heard and passed into law. The Council meets in austere Usher's Hall in Capital District.

The Office of the Lord-Mayor

In theory this office is restricted by the council of Ushers, but the Lord-Mayor is by far the most powerful person in Magnimar. This immense power normally results in corruption and the current Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras is no exception. Many of Magnimar's political matters are determined not by who is right or at least most persuasive, but who brings the Lord-Mayor the most lavish and impressive gift (bribe). While in theory the Lord-Mayor must uphold the mandates of the Council of Ushers, Grobaras has frequently ignored them when they have not been to his liking.

Justice Court

When legal arbitration is needed above and beyond what the city guard themselves can handle, the legal system of Magnimar calls upon the Justice Court. This body of thirteen Justices is the highest court in the city state and rules on disagreements as well as the guilt or innocence of those accused of particularly heinous crimes. The Court meets in the Pediment Building that also serves as a prison for the city's most hardened criminals, located in a dungeon deep beneath the building called The Hells.

Justice Ironbriar

Elven justice.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • PCs killed him in the Seven's Sawmill.

Locations, Groups & Associated NPCs

Kyver's Islet Mills

Ratorius: Owner of a mill on southeastern side of the island.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • PCs tried to get employment here but failed.

Morvar: Owner of mill next to the Seven's Mill.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Employed Kathra and Orik.
  • The PCs made friends with several of the workers here.

The Remarkable Titan

A well-off tavern/inn in the Capital District a little behind Usher's Hall. Run by Master Rulanite. Mostly frequented by merchants and well-to-dos with appointments at Usher's Hall.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Bryak and retainers (and one other PC?) stayed here.

Asmodia's Boarding House

Near The Remarkable Titan where the merchants' retainers usually stay.
RotR DnDNext Playtest:

  • Most PCs stayed here.

Individual NPCs

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