Skull & Shackles Campaign Info

“Slaves, ev’ry one of ya! Any Shackles pirate’s worth ten o’ you poxy devils, an’ ev’ry Free Captain commandin’ a sloop’ll keep sailin’ circles
around any bloated Chelish frigate you send at us. We’ll go on raidin’ yer sea lanes, stealin’ yer silver coins with Abrogail’s pouty gob stamped on
them, an’ we’ll cart it all back home, where we’ll sing an’ drink ’til the sea swallows us all! I’m ready to do my dance with Besmara; no regrets for
a life lived free on the waves. The worms’ll be better company than you ugly, dung-eating devil’s slaves anyway!”
- Last words spoken by Free Captain Wilihem Wache, moments before his public hanging in Macini for piracy


Can everyone please start creating their background for their character.

Character background sheet - - Click on "Files" at the bottom of the page and download "APBQ".
I have attached an example of how a completed background looks. Select "Files" at the bottom of this page and its called "Bryak Glimmerstone - Background.doc".

Please read the overview of 'The Shackles', this is common information available to all. -

A couple things to note about the campaign and The Shackles:

  • Gun powder does exist, though it is very rare and hard to make. A ship would be very lucky to own a single cannon or even a musket or two. Most ships use catapults and ballistas as their artillery.
  • Everyone must be in the capital, Port Peril(, for some reason. This is were we will start the campaign.
  • The only restrictions for character creation is that you cannot be overly against piracy.

Be prepared….the tide is coming.

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