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Welcome to our site that we will be using to document and discuss games we set in Golarion. As this setting has already been well documented (and all setting information is available in the Pathfinder Wiki and many Paizo products), there will be little in the way of true setting material here (only changes or additions we have made for our own games).

Our first campaign will be set in Varisia and will be the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. We started this as a DnDNext/5E Playtest, then adapted to Savage Worlds when we could not keep up with the playtests, and have now adapted it further to our Bashed & Borrowed system.

What's New

2nd July 2016

  • Updated Campaign Summary Page and added some pics

27th July 2015

  • Added pics to the latest Campaign Summary Page.

27th July 2015

  • Shane updated Campaign Summary Page with details of the 25th July sessions

5th February 2015

  • Connors finally added pics to the Campaign Summary Page. Unfortunately, I am one 'Part' behind. Anyway, if you want to go back and see some pics from Fort Rannik and Skull Crossing you can now. (On to adding some to latest entry now - Hook Mountain).

9th January 2015

  • Shane updated the Campaign Summary Page with details of the 3rd January session, also added a Calendar table to the Calendar page

11th December 2014

  • Shane (and Blair) updated the Campaign Summary Page adding Part 5 - Beyond Fort Rannik.
  • Blair updates RotR PC Page and uploaded character sheet for Abbas.

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